A Note About Chicle

Anyone ready for a history lesson? Chewing gum predates most modern day snacks and was historically made from chicle. If you've perused our site, you probably know by now that chicle comes from the sap of a tree and gives gum its elasticity. But in recent times, lots of gum brands skipped the chicle and relied on synthetics (like plastic) to give their gum its chew factor. Of course, we stuck with chicle.
We primarily use chicle because we prefer simple, natural ingredients to synthetics any day of the week. But there's an added benefit to using chicle: when huge corporations started to shift to using plastic in their products, the chicle industry and its farmers were left high and dry. We're really proud that we are able to provide chicle farmers with jobs and help revive the floundering business.
That's what it means to chew better.