Planting Your Mint for Spring: Indoor and Out

Here in New York, spring is just around the corner. It's finally starting to warm up and Central Park is beginning to see some life again. One of our favorite spring activities is planting mint for summer salads, cocktails, and chewing gum of course!  (Did you know we love mint?) Luckily, Mint is an easy plant to grow and keep, whether you plant it indoors or out. 

You can use a cutting (a fresh stem) of a mint plant from a friend or purchase 1-2 plants from a garden shop. Mint likes to spread out and can grow quickly, so make sure to plant it away from other herbs or flowers in your garden.

Choose a sunny spot  in your garden or a large planting pot. Plant your mint in moist soil, ensuring that the roots are completely covered.

If you're using 2 mint plants, make sure they're at least 2 feet apart. If you're using a cutting, plant it horizontally in the soil.

Keep you plant in a sunny spot - by the window if it's indoors. Mint also need a lot of water, so make sure the soil is always wet. We soak our plant once a week, and it seems to work for us!