Our guide to the perfect NYC Summer Weekend


Sun’s out, gum’s out!


When the sun hits the pavement, we like to hit the town. Here’s our team’s picks for the best spots in NYC this summer:


  1. Jacob Riis Beach: It’s easy to forget that New York City is a beach city, with ocean access less than an hour from downtown. This beach is hard to get to without a car, but well worth the logistical feat. Aside from the sun and the sand, there is an Ample Hills popup shop (we suggest the Peppermint Pattie flavor!) and lots of great eats.
  2. Brooklyn Grange Farm Visits: This rooftop gem is a little known secret in Long Island City and the perfect spot to relax on a summer day. If you like freshly grown mint or farm fresh produce, run, don’t walk!
  3. Riverside Park: Our team loves a good Citi bike ride, and there’s no better place to ride than Riverside Park. Take in the water views (even if it’s actually just the Hudson River) and get your heart rate up at the same time. If you make it all the way uptown, reward yourself with a Levain bakery cinnamon roll!
  4. Rooftop Reds: A rooftop vineyard in the heart of the city? Worth the trip to Brooklyn! Bring a pack of our Coffee Gum for after you sip some reds- they will bring out a whole new flavor in the gum!


Bon voyage!