Our Favorite 5 Bauhaus-Inspired Designs

We love gum, but we also really love design. So grab a piece of chewing gum, and sit back and relax as we tell you about our newest design crush: Bauhaus. Bauhaus is a form of design that originated in Weimar, Germany, in the early 20th Century. The Bauhaus school, founded by Walter Gropius, was the foundation for modernism, simplicity, and minimalism. (You may see where we’re going with this.)  

When we look at these houses, we can just imagine the clean, clutter free and simply beautiful lives inside.  To us, Bauhaus embodies the essence of living simply, and has had a ripple effect on inspiring simple and minimalist living.  And our dream is for our products to do the same.
Check out some of our faves by clicking these links:
1. Prefab Huf Haus - Germany  
2. Hewlett St. House - Bronte, Australia 
3. French Carmel House - Haifa, Israel 
4. Shakin' Stevens Residence - San Francisco, CA 
5. Modern House - Buckinghamshire, England

Image by home-designing.com