Living the Simple Picnic Life


Picnic season is here! And if this isn’t a sentence that excites you, you probably don’t know our tricks to enjoying this simple pleasure. Before you start to worry about bulky gadgets and knickknacks, let us show you some of our favorite and simple picnic essentials. (Emphasis on the word simple.):


Blanket carrier: Invest in (or make your own!) blanket carrier so that you can carry everything else in a less bulky bag. Being able to use a smaller bag will prevent you from throwing in “one last thing” which will inevitably turn into “several last things.” There’s no better time to live simply than when picnicking.

Frozen grapes: These babies will keep the rest of your food cool and are the perfect dessert for when you’re done with lunch.

Simply Gum: Speaking of dessert, you’ll want to pop some Simply Gum in your mouth when the snacking has ended. It’s the perfect way to ensure you don’t continue mindlessly snacking, plus will keep you fresh while hanging out with friends. (You didn’t think we’d go on a picnic without it, did you?)

Tea tree oil: Dash a little of this natural bug repellent on your legs and neck before heading out. Because bug bites are not on our list.

Mason Jars: You can use these to portion out single servings of each food item, thus minimizing the amount of silverware and plates that you need to lug along. Plus, these are easy to stack and keeps things simple, which is our favorite way to keep things.







    Picture source: areasonablydressedwoman