Living Simply: A Note on Apartment Design

Living simply. It’s kinda our thing. There are lots of ways to simplify and today we’re tackling a biggie: decorating your apartment.
Here are some apartment decorating tips we’ve heard over the years that made a real impression on how we decorate, proving that it’s always best to live simply:
  • The secret to design is spacing, not stuff. Select furniture pieces that are all in proportion- make sure your arm chair doesn’t dwarf the couch and your table doesn’t take up more space than your sofa.

  • Resist the urge to collect along the way. Traveling and window shopping can lead to an accumulation of gadgets and gizmos that fill up your space and detract from the beauty of simplicity. Resign to buying only the special and nostalgic items that you encounter along the way, and leave the rest to live on in your memory.

  • The smallest details are the best details. Select few, but meaningful accents like a uniquely shaped vase or a picture frame with an uncommon material. We are sticklers for “less is more” and think that small details like a special texture or embroidery go a long way in making a space different without making it cluttered.

  • Stay true to what you like. Don’t design your home based on things that you think you should have or you worry you may need. Bring only the type of things that you use on a monthly basis and don’t fall prey to trendy gadgets like new speakers and superfluous kitchen tools. (Can you say countertop quesadilla maker? Can you say unnecessary?)

  • Use single items for dual purposes. Do you live in a studio with a chair near your bed? Instead of having a night table and side table, keep it single with a single stand between the two pieces of furniture.
    Photo cred: Apartment Therapy