Savvy Sister: Interview with the Founder of Patrizia Luca Milano

Sisters Neda, Nika, and Nora Hakakian are the founders of Patrizia Luca Milanoa New York-based fashion brand. With an emphasis on versatility, the Patrizia Luca line aims to create clothes that women are proud to wear in and out of the office. Simply Gum got the chance to speak to Neda about conquering the world of retail with her sisters.


What inspired your company? 

The three of usmyself (Neda), Nika, and Noraall grew up with a father who was a well-known designer. But we weren’t able to appreciate the fashion as we were younger, especially because he made suits for the working woman. When we got older and took time during the summers to work in his stores, we realized women our age didn’t really have desk to dinner apparel at affordable prices. So, we really started in hopes to achieve our fathers success in our own way.


What's it like working with the sisters? What are your roles?

Working with your sisters is amazingwe’re all super close! We have disagreements, but when we walk through the doors in the morning, it's business. At the end of the day, our objective is Patrizia Luca and growing the brand. We all have different roles within the companyNeda (myself) runs our wholesale, sales, and marketing. Nika handles all accessories and is in charge of our handbag business and Nora is our general retail manager. We all support one another when needed. For example, if Nora needs my help with a store related issueI am there, and vice versa. Team work makes the dream work: it's our motto over here.


How do you define "versatile" in the context of women's workwear?

The three of us are so different, so we say the line is versatile because we can take the same top from our collection and wear it totally opposite as one another. It's all about making your basics special and more youSo, "versatile" means optionswe truly believe that we created a brand that works for most.


What fashion trends are you keeping an eye on for the fall?

We are looking at grommet detailing: a lot of boxy like jackets, full pants, fun prints, warm earth tones, and big comfortable sweaters.


How do you describe your personal style?

I am more about easy and comfortable, and a bit edgy. I'm usually in jeansripped 9 out of 10 timeswith a simple blouse, and or top and booties. Nika is the most feminine, she loves bright colors and prints. She wears dresses most of the time. Nora is the cool oneshe takes half her clothing and then personalizes it.


What advice do you have for women looking to start a business?

Anything is possible, as long as your heart and head are in the game. We would be lying if we didn’t say that every so often, we wonder if we are on the right track, and complain about being tired, but we have support and support one another. Commitment is huge, but no pain no gameright?



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