I Am A Nutritionist And Here Is Why I Love Simply Gum

There are hundreds of different gum brands with unique flavors that vary from winter mint to apple pie. However, flavor should not be the only factor you consider when you make your gum selection. Most brands contain “gum base” which is actually a vague FDA approved term that masks the unnatural blend of aspartame, BHT and small amounts of plastic.


As a habitual gum chewer, I wanted to find a product that not only tasted good, but was made of natural ingredients. After a long search for something that would fulfill both of these factors, I was ecstatic to discover Simply Gum. I absolutely love that this brand is dedicated to creating products made from real, whole and natural ingredients. Instead of artificial sweetener aspartame, Simply Gum chooses to use organic cane sugar to sweeten their gum. In addition, the chewing gum is made from an organic base of chicle, the sap from the sapodilla tree. Their blend of natural ingredients also means that the gum is biodegradable. Better for you, and the planet!


Chewing products like Simply Gum can have amazing effects on your mental and oral health. After I eat a meal with garlic or onion, I finish my meal with a piece of gum. Gum, especially Simply Gum’s cinnamon flavor, masks unwanted odors. It can also reduce the built up plaque on your teeth and/or eliminate the bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath.


While gum improves oral health, it also has surprising effects on your brain and body. Chewing on a piece of your favorite gum can actually improve concentration and memory, functions associated with mental performance. My favorite Simply Gum product is their ginger flavor - the bright, zesty flavor keeps me energized and makes for a great midday pick-me-up. Many people also chew gum because it acts as a stress reliever. If you want to stop biting your nails, or shaking your leg, chewing keeps your brain occupied, and will actually reduce the amount of stress-hormone cortisol in your system.


I always recommend that my clients chew gum because it is so much more than just a breath freshener. Who would have guessed that chomping on a tiny morsel would improve memory and reduce anxiety? Although some gum brands promote oral and mental health, their use of questionable ingredients are not good for your body. I chew gum everyday, so it is nice to know that with Simply Gum I can reap the benefits of chewing gum without having to worry about whether I’m ingesting plastic or artificial flavoring. With the efforts of this natural brand, it’s nice to know that when it comes to chewing gum, you can have the best of both worlds.


SIMA is a celebrity trainer, nutritionist, wellness expert, life coach with more than twenty years’ experience and a soon to be published author of her upcoming book Healthy Indulgence. In her life journey she learned the important elements that govern and influence health and happiness. She perfected her method to help people from all walks of life discover these elements which pave the way for achieving sustainable health and happiness in life: Self, Sweat and Substance. Her expertise in nutrition (substance) and fitness (sweat) has helped thousands of overweight individuals achieve ideal weight. Sima resides in Los Angeles, California, with her daughter Kayla.


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